Hearts of Hope, Making a Difference One Heart at a Time

HeartsofHope from Michael

I just want to send a little love letter out to Interregnum.org, whose motto is, “Finding life after loss.”  Interregnum Inc., is a New Jersey grief support organization offering three distinct programs:  Moving Forward, an eight-week comprehensive grief support and education program; Lessons in Loss, an educational program for grief and loss professionals; and, my favorite, Hearts of Hope: Making a Difference One Heart at a Time.

Hearts of Hope offers a “complete circle of support.”  Volunteers paint ceramic hearts with beautiful messages of encouragement.  The hearts are then given to people who have experienced loss, including patients in hospitals and cancer centers, bereaved family members and men and women in the military.

Each heart comes in a little bag with a handwritten note by its painter.  The note includes a little about the painter and his or her “message of caring.”  The genius of the program is the full circle connection between volunteer and recipient.  Each note includes an email address and an identifying code for the painter so the recipient can send a thank you note back to Hearts of Hope and the specific painter.

When I recently went to Overlook Hospital’s Reception to Honor Survivors, I received one of those special little bags.  My painter’s name is Kendra L. and she lives in Towaco, NJ.  Kendra loves peace signs and hearts.  Her message of caring to me is, “Everyone can see your smile from 100 miles.”  I was honored to write her a thank you message.

You’ll notice from the picture that I have two hearts.  Kendra’s is on the left.  I received the “Always have Faith” heart very early on in my cancer journey.  I lost the card and never sent a thank you email to the painter.  I wish I had, but times were more turbulent then and I just didn’t do it.

So, this is my very public thank you to my anonymous heart painter, Kendra and Hearts of Hope.  To date, the program has created and delivered over 24,179 hearts to people who need a message of hope.  That’s a lot of love going out into the world.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer, Hearts of Hope supplies the hearts, cards, brushes and paint.  All you have to do is supply the painters and pay for the hearts at $3.00 a piece, which are provided in kits of 25, 50, 75 or more.  You can contact the program director, Sue Macheska, at 862-812-6543, email thankyouheart@aol.com.  I wish I was still a Girl Scout leader, because the girls would be painting their little hearts out tomorrow.

Is there a community based outreach program you’d like to publicly thank?  Tell us all about it and what makes it special to you.

Survival > Existence,




Tambre Leighn/coaching by tambre's picture

What a beautiful tribute to

What a beautiful tribute to this program. Giving back makes such a difference. Thank you for sharing your hearts with us and how to get involved with the program.


Debbie's picture

Thanks Tambre!

I’ve learned from cancer that healing requires all types of support.  I am so lucky to be involved with a cancer center that brings me face to face with so many of the beautiful programs out there.  I’m sure that’s a pivotal part of your work as a cancer coach.

Bari Adelman's picture

Your Hearts of Hope blog post

Debbie-We are thrilled that the gift of your heart meant so much, and that you took the time to share the program with others. That’s what it’s all about. Thanks for all you do–and good luck on your journey!

Debbie's picture

Happy to Promote Your Program!

Thanks, Bari, for the support and good wishes.  I’m happy to promote your program in any way I can.

yvonne Ciccone's picture

to thank someone who made me a special heart

I want to thank Sydney MICA 19 for her beautiful heart I will treasure it and it is the second one I received this year and they give me hope in my fight with cancer. Whoever started this project also should be thank.

Debbie's picture

Sending on Your Thanks


I treasure my two Hearts of Hope too. The project was started by Judith Pedersen, Founder and Executive Director of Interregnum Inc. If you would like to thank her and Sydney MICA 19 directly, it’s super easy. Just send an email to Susan M. Macheska, Program Director/Hearts of Hope, at s.macheska@interregnum.org. She will make sure your email gets to Judith and Sydney. I know they will be thrilled to know how much you appreciate your beautiful heart.

Survival > Existence,


Maureen's picture

Thank you

Brendan Pepe; I received your lovely heart at Relay for Life in Albany yesterday and I am very honored to have this . You have touched me and please continue your lovely work. We all will continue the fight against cancer. Thank you, Maureen
PS: I am a 6 yr survivor!! Birthdays are great!


Alan's picture

Allie Bond; Thank you for the

Allie Bond; Thank you for the lovely heart – your a great lady to take the time to do this . Sounds like you are a busy person. This means a great deal to me. I am a 2 yr survivor. You are right – “We are not alone”!

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