My Hard Fought Discovery of Cancer’s Gifts

Today I’m thrilled to link you to my guest post on a wonderful site, Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer.  The site’s editor, Marie Ennis-O’Connor, is a breast cancer survivor, PR consultant from Ireland and amazing woman.  I love JBBC and was very honored when she asked me to guest blog.  Please check out my post and then stick around to look through her site.  It’s a wonderful, powerful support system and Marie is a true role model for how to passionately rebuild your life beyond cancer.

Survival > Existence,



Marie Ennis O'Connor's picture

Thrilled to have you guest for JBBC

It was a delight to have you as guest author on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer and to discover how much we have in common! I look forward to following Where We Go Now in the future and wish you continued success and good health. Marie

Debbie's picture

Big Welcome to Marie Ennis-O’Connor of JBBC!


It was a real pleasure to guest blog for you at your wonderful site, Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer.  Thanks for the opportunity!  Take good care and so glad to have you here at WWGN.


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