Casual Friday – The Language of Flowers


Here in the United States in Victorian times, flowers were used by discreet lovers to communicate coded messages of a romantic nature. The practice actually got so involved that a bouquet could be used to convey a message about a secret rendezvous, with the date and time coded by the number of leaves on a decorative branch.

Today, although we all know that red roses signify passionate love, most of the language of flowers has been forgotten. As cancer survivors, I thought we might be interested to know that the chrysanthemum, which blooms in November, symbolizes the promise of hope in dark times.

Although some European countries use the symbol of a chrysanthemum very differently, where I live “mums” are all around me, symbolizing the beauty of the autumn season. When I see them, I will let them speak to me of the promise of hope for all of those struggling through difficult times.

Survival > Existence,

Image courtesy of Joe deSousa




Beth L. Gainer's picture


I had no idea that these flowers had such meaning. Excellent post!



Debbie's picture

Me Neither!


Thank you so much. I am surrounded by mums and I had no idea either. I can’t look at them now, however, without thinking about hope. (Especially when they were covered by snow!)

Survival > Existence,



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