The Survivor’s Nest – Family Togetherness


I bet you didn’t know that Saturday night is National Family Pajama Night.

I didn’t know it either until I stumbled upon it on the Internet. Of course, this “holiday” is entirely made up by The Company Store, a company that sells pajamas, but that’s not the point. Reading the website brought back lovely memories of family pajama nights we had when our children were much younger. I was grateful to be reminded and to realize that you don’t have to be a child or have children to appreciate family togetherness.When we celebrated our own family pajama nights, we “camped out” in the living room. Our campsite was prepared by moving the coffee table out of the way and setting up bedding and pillows on the area rug next to the sofa. Of course, our focal point was the fireplace, which was ready to go. Once it got dark and everyone was in pajamas, the fire was lit and the lights went out. The four of us basked in the coziness and warmth of its light and the family togetherness of the moment.

If you’re looking for a more active family pajama night, you can play board games or plan other activities. The Company Store Facebook page has a fun “Memory Maker” section offering an activity “Idea A Day” since October 3rd. The activities are perfect for younger children and are really adorable. In fact, they are so cute, I may try one or two of them with my teenagers, after all.

I guess that’s the secret to a fun family togetherness activity. Don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit. Turn your living room into a camping site. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture around and actually use that fireplace. The more you actively use your house to promote cheer and healing, the more homey and comforting your home becomes. By just walking in the door, you will get that nesting feeling.

You don’t have to have young children to enjoy a family pajama night. I’m going to plan one with my teenagers. If it’s just you and a partner, enjoy camping out in front of the fireplace or turn off all electronics and enjoy the silence together. It doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters that you savor each other’s company.

What I remember most about those nights with my husband and children was the peacefulness of the entire house. It nurtured my soul, and was especially appreciated after a long and active kid-filled day. By taking the time to wind down as a family and really focus on togetherness, active mindfulness and beautiful family memories are your rewards.

I hope you and your family enjoy some family togetherness this weekend. If you’re still wondering what to do on National Family Pajama Night, I’ll leave you with this YouTube video because it’s just so darn cute and these kids have some really great ideas:

Survival > Existence,

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