Special News! Upcoming Workshop with Debbie

Hi all!  I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be leading a workshop tomorrow (November 19th) from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. entitled “WHERE DO WE GO NOW? SURVIVING LIFE BEYOND CANCER BY EMBRACING CANCER’S GIFTS AND LOSSES.” My workshop is custom-made for the cancer survivor who is finished with treatment and asking the question – “Where do I go now?”  Once treatment is complete, survivors often find that support systems evaporate and family and friends want to return to “normal.”  It can be a very lonely time, because for survivors there is no possibility of returning to “normal.”  Cancer has changed us forever.

Join me to:

  • Participate in a positive discussion about working through cancer’s losses by embarking on a journey of self-expression; by exploring many avenues, such as support groups, oncology therapy, journaling, physical exercise, writing, rock climbing – the possibilities are endless;
  • Create a personal Gifts and Losses list as a visual reminder of the reality of the new “normal” beyond cancer;
  • Share personal stories of cancer’s gifts and losses with other survivors; and
  • Embrace the complexities of the new “normal” of life beyond cancer.

The workshop will be held at The Connection,located at 79 Maple Street, Summit, NJ.  You can register by calling 908-273-4242, ext. 154, or emailing pathways@theconnectiononline.org. Hope to see you there!

Survival > Existence,


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Sounds like a great event!

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for posting this announcement – it sounds as though you’re taking the WWGN community out into the real world.  Too bad not all of us are close enough geographically to participate!  I’m not a cancer survivor myself, but people I care about (including you and Dad) have been through the battle… I wonder if having an event specifically for those of us who are part of the support system would be possible?  In reading your description above, I’m reminded that it’s hard to know how to offer the right kind of support – returning to ‘normal’ is, after all, normal given that we all hate change.  So how do I support in a way that is respectful of your journey while still not making you feel too, I don’t know, different?  I guess for me, the “We” in Where We Go Now is the whole network of people affected when a loved one gets sick…

Just a thought, not well formed…

Have fun tomorrow and looking forward to hearing about it after.


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What an Interesting Idea!

Hi Linda:

You raise a very interesting point. I’d love to develop a workshop for caregivers that helps them support their loved one’s transition from patient to survivor. You are so right that the “We” in WWGN refers to everyone touched by cancer and that certainly includes caregivers.

Thanks for your input, and I’ll be posting next week about tomorrow’s workshop.

Survival > Existence,


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