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We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing. Billy Graham

Sharing and community are the bedrock concepts upon which WWGN is built. That is why I have such an affinity for TalkAboutHealthTalkAboutHealth, where patients, families, caregivers, survivors, professionals and organizations come together to meet, share, and learn with and from each other.

Murray Jones, the founder of TalkAboutHealth, created the website community as a result of his experience as a caregiver to his father, a two-time melanoma survivor. “We had so many questions and it was extremely difficult to filter through all of the information and find the right people who could help,” Murray remembers. “So that is what TalkAboutHealth is for, to provide personalized answers and help patients connect with the right people who can help.”

As a member of TalkAboutHealth, you have access to:

1) Personalized, helpful, and accurate health answers. Every answer on TalkAboutHealth should provide the best resources possible, covering all points of view and perspectives. To accomplish this goal, the right people are found and given the opportunity to answer your questions. Then the community curates, edits, and organizes questions and answers to make them easy to find and accessible to everyone.

2) The right information to the right people, at the right time.TalkAboutHealth matches answers and information to the people who need them, based on their disease, stage, treatments, side effects, and more. Members are notified in real time of answers to their questions and other relevant information via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, IM, and more.

3) Connection to the right people to support each other. Patients and caregivers are matched with experienced peers, survivors, and experts who can help. Members are matched based on their self-reported disease, stage, treatments, cultural background, demographics, and more.

As a member of TalkAboutHealth, I’ve shared 17 answers and asked 30 questions on the issues of breast cancer and survivorship. In answer to one of my questions about survivorship skills, Brenda Coffee, of Breast Cancer Sisterhood, wrote such a profound answer I had to share it with my WWGN readers. Another question, about the worst thing anyone has ever said to you about your cancer, inspired me to write a post about the best thing said to me. I was especially honored to share a guest blog post this May with other members (Coming Out of Cancer Depression: Giving Back by Supporting Others Helps Me Heal Too.)

One of my favorite features on TalkAboutHealth is the daily expert workshop. Doctors, surgeons, researchers, health care experts, authors and speakers, and survivors and caregivers answer questions posted by members throughout the day. I had the honor of being a featured survivor in July and was asked compelling questions. Today, I am going to be the featured expert again and will be answering questions about:

  • Embracing the gifts and losses of life beyond cancer
  • Decorating the Survivor’s Nest: We all need a soft place to land
  • Meditation, mindfulness and yoga beyond cancer
  • Sharing your cancer attitude: Do you let people know when you’re having a bad day?
  • Cancer Warriors who inspire me
I am a huge fan of TalkAboutHealth and encourage you to become a member and take advantage of this great resource. Come on over to TalkAboutHealth today to look around and ask me questions. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!
Survival > Existence,




Beth L. Gainer's picture

Talk About Health

I agree that this forum is an excellent one. Congrats on being today’s workshop expert. I plan to ask you a question on TAH. I really enjoy your blog, too!


Debbie's picture

Thank You So Much


Thanks so much for your support and kind words. I’m a fan of your blog too!

Survival > Existence,


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