The Survivor’s Nest – A Warm Drink For a Cold Day


Now is the winter of our discontent. William Shakespeare

The problem with winter sports is that – follow me closely here – they generally take place in winter. Dave Barry

Winter has a bad rap as the most inhospitable of seasons, but therein lies an opportunity. The more nasty and cold it is outside, the better it feels nesting inside with a warm drink.

When my children were in grammar school, the three of us would enjoy “tea time” once in a while after school. Oh course, the “tea” was hot chocolate, which was served from a tea pot into little cups. They loved sitting on the floor around the coffee table and watching The Big Comfy Couch with their cups of hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. It was a bonding experience that still warms me to this day.

Today, my daughter serves me cappuccinos, which she enjoys making with an inexpensive machine I bought at a department store. The coffee comes out fine, but she was frustrated by the steamer, which made horrible, flat foam (or is it “crema?”). For just $20, we bought the Aerolatte Milk Frother, which makes the most beautiful foam in nothing flat. So far, this little gadget is my find of the year! We love it because it works great and makes drinking cappuccinos at home as much fun as our “tea times” of years ago.

During one of our first get-aways together, my husband and I shared Irish coffees after an intimate autumn dinner. To this day, I still think of Irish coffee as “our” drink and just bought Irish coffee mugs so we could make them at home this winter.(Amazon associates links.)

Throughout the winter months, it’s especially soothing to stop and take a moment for tea meditation. Before bed, I enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea or “lemon and honey.” I put a tablespoon of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice, with the lemon wedge, into a mug and pour in boiling water. It’s a warm drink that’s healthy, low calorie and warms my insides. It also calms my nerves and tells my body it’s time to end the day.

To me, home decor is about so much more than furniture, paint and accessories. It’s primarily about how our home supports comfort and the daily rituals of life well lived. Do you enjoy a warm drink during the winter months? Are your favorite warm drinks integral parts of rituals which make your house your nest?

Survival > Existence,



Beth L. Gainer's picture


Debbie, what a wonderful, inspiring posting! I agree that winter allows those of us in the cold parts of the world to snuggle up with a nice warm drink. I, too, feel home is more of a comfort experience and I spend my winters having a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate, especially after coming home on a snowy day. Your home experience and rituals sound lovely.

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Thanks Beth!


Thank you, Beth! I think the operative word is “snuggle.” We’re nesting creatures and any bit of extra warmth we can get from our home is always good for the soul.

Survival > Existence,




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