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One of my greatest pleasures is sinking into my warm, comfortable bed at night. I think it’s so important to find sanctuary at the end of a long day that it was my first The Survivor’s Nest post subject:  “After living a life of 24/7 cancer during the diagnostic and treatment phases, don’t we deserve to create our own little oasis of peace? What better place to create it than in the confines of our most private space – our bedroom?” 

It’s the comfort and warmth of our bed that rekindles our tired bodies, minds and spirits for the next day. If you’re thinking about buying a new comforter for your bed, I want you to know about a program that extends the warmth to homeless children in America.

The Company Store has been hand-crafting comforters in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, since 1911. Right now and until January 31st, you can take advantage of its “Buy One, Give One” program. All you have to do is buy a comforter, and they will match your purchase with a donation of a comforter to a homeless child.

Last year, The Company Store donated thousands of comforters to homeless children throughout America. This year, The Company Store is working with Family Promise, a leading national not-for-profit dedicated to helping homeless families. For every purchase you make, The Company Store will ship donated comforters to Family Promise affiliates throughout the United States, thus making sure the comforters go where they are most needed.

If you’re thinking it’s time to create your perfect sanctuary, take a look at The Company Store. I’ve bought comforters for myself and my clients from them. They offer comforters in all sizes, colors and warmth levels, ranging from Super Light to Light, Medium, Extra Warm and Ultra Warm. I’ve always found their comforters to be high quality products and, if you make your purchase now, both you and a homeless child will soon be a bit warmer.

Survival > Existence,


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