The Survivor’s Nest – Get Happy with Pillows


Winter is lagging on with one more month to go. If you’re feeling a bit of the winter blues, maybe your nest could use a little color pick me up.That being said, I bet you’re not in the mood to paint an entire room. Instead, why not find an easier and less expensive way to get happy with color: decorative throw pillows. They are relatively inexpensive and add layer, texture, warmth and just the right amount of color pop to a neutral background.

The beauty of pillows is that there is a choice for everyone in every price point. Look for interesting graphics, vibrant colors, textures and cheeky humor. Do this experiment: Go out today and bring back one decorative throw pillow that you love. Put it in a place of honor and stand back and look at it. I dare you not to smile!

Check out these great pillows I found:

Flowers, birds, retro graphics, hearts, stripes and a slogan or two. Whatever makes you happy, you can eventually find on a pillow.


Think of pillows as exclamation marks! They add color, vitality and life to any room. They’re small accessories with big impact, which is why I love them!
Survival > Existence,

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