Mindful Monday – Mindfully Accepting Cancer Support



Yesterday, I published a guest blog post on Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, entitled, “Suffering with Suffering and Accepting the Lifeline of Support.” I want to thank Marie Ennis O’Connor for the honor of guest blogging on her site. She is an inspiration and role model. Her blog is a personal favorite of mine and I urge you to visit it often.

When I wrote this post, I wasn’t thinking about mindfulness, but it came up when I reread it today. I realized that those first awful months of my cancer ordeal, when I had little support, would have been easier had I been mindful. Instead, I struggled under the delusion that I wasn’t suffering enough to deserve support.

By judging myself as not suffering enough, instead of simply being aware and open, I let opportunities for support pass me by. I was operating under a delusion and that delusion caused me more suffering.

I hope you read and enjoy my guest post. If you’re feeling guilty about asking for support, please know that you are entitled to it. Once you realize that, you will find and make opportunities for support which will ultimately be the source of much of your healing.

Survival > Existence,


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Thank You For Sharing Your Insight and Wisdom

Thank you for your kind words Debbie about Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer and thank you for sharing such a wonderful guest post with readers. Sharing our stories of how what we have learned (and continue to learn) as we walk this path of cancer survivorship is so important. We have so much collective wisdom, insight and compassion to share with each other, and it is still incredible to me, that thanks to the wonders of modern technology we can do so in this powerful way through online connections.

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It’s My Pleasure and Honor!


It’s funny, but I wasn’t sure about this post. After I wrote it, I had some misgivings as to whether it would resonate with readers. But, through the magic of the web, I was so thrilled to see that it did indeed hit a nerve. Once again, I get to share my thoughts, feelings and experience with others, and they repay me by “getting it.” Our collective wisdom is a powerful force and I’m so proud to be able to contribute. Thanks again for the opportunity to guest post on your wonderful blog.

Survival > Existence,


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