Cancer Warriors Wednesday – 10 Things to Do on Leap Day

All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience. Henry Miller

Today is that rarest of days, February 29th or Leap Day. Every four years, we add an additional day to February to keep the calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun. Because it takes the Earth 365 days and approximately six hours to travel once around the Sun, our calendar would be off by approximately 24 days every 100 years if not for Leap Day. 

As active cancer warriors, we live full lives with and beyond cancer. There is always a lot going on and our days are busy and full. Today is a good day to take stock and consider new goals and priorities. If you write them down and save the list, you can revisit it in 2016 when the next Leap Day rolls around.

Today can also be considered a bonus day. It’s a gift of 24 hours that you can use however you wish. Some suggestions:

1.  Read that book you’ve wanted to read, but haven’t made the time to read.

2.  Plan an interesting dinner, something you wouldn’t ordinarily eat at dinnertime. Breakfast for dinner? Why not?

3.  Clean out clutter in drawers and closets and donate what you don’t need anymore.

4.  Email or phone someone who you haven’t spoken to in a while but have been missing.

5.  Sit down quietly and do a little zentangle art, just because it’s fun and calming.

6.  Start a mindful meditation practice. Taking just ten minutes a day to sit and quiet your mind is a wonderful habit to develop.

7.  Take a walk. Restart your home yoga practice. Sign up at a gym. Get moving.

8.  Make an appointment to donate blood, sign up to volunteer or look into other ways to give back.

9.  Make sure you laugh. Watch a funny movie, talk with a friend or sister who makes you laugh.

10. Get enough rest. Take a nap, get to bed early, luxuriate in your bed.

Take the opportunity today to leap forward in whatever way pleases you. You can take a major leap, or a tiny one, but it will always be significant if it leads you to even a moment of personal growth and satisfaction. I’d love to know what you are doing today to commerate Leap Day. Whatever it is I wish you joy and a Happy Leap Day!

Survival > Existence,


Image courtesy of Loes van Voorthuijsen

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