Casual Friday – 29 Ways to Stay Creative


I love this video and will be referring to it often. My favorite ways to stay creative are “take breaks,” “sing in the shower,” and “take risks.” What are your favorite ways to stay creative?

Survival > Existence,



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Oil Painting

My best way to stay creative is to oil paint and sketch. It taps into a different center of creativity than my writing does. In fact, art enhances my writing.

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I Love That!

Hi Beth:

I love that one art enhances the other for you. I hope you get to be creative this weekend!

Survival > Existence,


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Stop beating yourself up,

Stop beating yourself up, Drink coffee, and Stop being (your own) idea of perfect.

I think the Clean your workspace entry is pure propaganda by my mother.  😉

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Great Ways to Stay Creative (including Clean Your Workspace)


I think that “stop beating yourself up” and “stop being (your own) idea of perfect” go hand in hand. Being a perfectionist always leads to beating yourself up when you fail at it, which is guaranteed. As for clean your workspace – I’ve always worked better when I’m not distracted by clutter and mess. But that’s just me!

Survival > Existence,


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