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In addition to sharing here at WhereWeGoNow, I’ve been hanging out at my Facebook page WhereWeGoNow as Cancer Survivors. I’m really loving the instaneous discussions that pop up about all kinds of things. Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about:A few days ago, I asked the Question of the Day: “At what point in your cancer journey did you consider yourself a survivor?” The response was riveting:

    • Julie Hewett Still waiting to get to that point .. NED 1 year 4 months
      April 20 at 9:39am · Unlike ·  1
    • WhereWeGoNow As Cancer Survivors Congratulations on 1 year 4 months of NED. That’s great! What do you feel has to happen before you can consider yourself a survivor?
      April 20 at 9:45am · Like
    • Terrace Hurston It’s been 7 years now since my journeys thru oral stage 4 ,skin,and lung cancer.But I became a champion aftre I got the cancer News in 2004. As the tears flowed God spoke and told me He was in control and that it wasn’t in my spirit to die.
      April 20 at 9:48am · Unlike ·  4
    • Diane C Greer I felt like a survivor the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer! Now, praise God, I am a 9 year survivor and doing well. Thoughts and prayers to all those facing the challenges of cancer now. Stay strong and positive.
      April 20 at 9:56am · Unlike ·  1
    • WhereWeGoNow As Cancer Survivors Terrace Hurston andDiane C Greer that’s so great! I just hit 3 years and am thankful for every day.
      April 20 at 10:02am · Like ·  1
    • Andrea Paine I felt like a survivor from the start, because I truly believed I was! It will be 5 years on August 3rd!
      April 20 at 10:39am via mobile · Unlike ·  3
    • WhereWeGoNow As Cancer Survivors My oncology therapist told me that the modern definition of “survivorship” applies as soon as you hear those three words, “You have cancer.” The thinking is that, if you are here, then you are a survivor. The term also applies to family, friends and caregivers who have been affected by cancer. Did you know that the term “survivor” was originally applied only to family members who were left behind? It wasn’t that long ago that cancer was considered an immediate death sentence. We’ve come a long way, with a long way left to go.
      April 20 at 10:55am · Like ·  3
    • Susan Bundrick Harper As someone who aggressively treated DCIS with a bilateral mastectomy and radiation in 2009 and was diagnosed with a recurrence last fall (stage 4 metasticized to liver & spine), I still consider myself a survivor as long as I’m here fighting this disease!
      April 20 at 11:09am · Unlike ·  4
    • Bonnie Gelbwasser WhereWeGoNow As Cancer SurvivorsSomeone told me the same thing. I accepted it as truth, probably because I needed so much to believe it. SAVIVA is my license plate. 18 years for me, now.
      April 20 at 11:15am · Unlike ·  1
    • WhereWeGoNow As Cancer Survivors I wish there was a “Love” button! Good for you, Susan, and Godspeed!
      April 20 at 11:17am · Like ·  1
    • WhereWeGoNow As Cancer Survivors And you too, Bonnie Gelbwasser! 18 years!!
      April 20 at 11:50am · Like
    • The Dog Lived (and So Will I) I’m now 3 years NED after a stage 1c Triple negative diagnosis (next week is my check-up with the oncologist) but I heard the same thing about “survivor” from the day of diagnosis and I like that. So that’s what I go with–I’m a survivor and I have been for 3 years. And Susan–I love your attitude! All the best to you.
      April 20 at 11:51am · Unlike ·  3
    • Susan Bundrick Harper Thank you!
      April 20 at 12:01pm · Unlike ·  1
    • Crazy Sexy Diet ‎9 years after I was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV cancer on my liver and lung, now I’m a happy Survivor!
      April 20 at 5:33pm · Unlike ·  2
    • WhereWeGoNow As Cancer Survivors You’re one of my sheroes, Kris! I carried your first two books around like bibles after I was diagnosed and credit your philosophy with where I am today. Thanks so much! Love and hugs!
      April 20 at 5:44pm · Like
    • Andrea Paine Kris, I received your book when I was going through chemotherapy. I loved it. Susan, keep on your quest to be healed!
      Sunday at 10:19am via mobile · Like

What a great discussion! Did you notice that even Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Diet, showed up to share her perspective? How great is that??

If you’re on Facebook, come on over to WhereWeGoNow as Cancer Survivors to join the conversation! While you are there, please like my page and share my content. Let’s get the word out and make WWGN a hub for all things survivorship!

Survival > Existence,


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