The Rhythm of Living and Embracing Change

Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress. Bruce Barton

When I created WhereWeGNow, I was driven by my need to connect to others experiencing cancer survivorship. To me, cancer changed almost everything, and I wanted to reach out to make sure none of us was alone.

Our conversations have reminded me that change really is “the rhythm of living.” Although change hit suddenly and hard when I was diagnosed, it wasn’t the first time I got body-slammed by change. I bet it wasn’t your first time either and I know it won’t be our last.

We’re all survivors of cancer, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, isn’t it? Before cancer, I survived family dysfunction, being laid off from a job, a cheating boyfriend, miscarriages and infertility. Cancer gave me a label – “survivor,” but I’ve learned that I’ve been a survivor for some time now. Long before I heard the words, “You have cancer,” I was someone who “continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship or setbacks.” I am the embodiment of the word “survivor” and so are you.

That brings me back to change, which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. As prospering survivors, we have multi-layered, rich lives. That’s why I’ve been working on additional avenues beyond blogging to share with you. Tele seminars, eBooks and a newsletter are all in the works. Right now, I’m very excited to be putting the finishing touches on The WhereWeGoNow Survivor’s Manifesto. It’s coming soon, so watch out for it!

Because I want to devote more time to developing these additional offerings, you’ll be seeing a bit less of me in your inbox. I love blogging and will still keep posting, but I need time to grow the WhereWeGoNow platform and create additional ways to serve you. I’m very excited about these changes and can’t thank you enough for inspiring me to take this leap!

With each hardship or challenge, I’ve been blessed with “clearer vision, fresh hope.” If Friedrich Nietzsche is right and “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” it’s only because we’ve managed to achieve growth through change. Isn’t growth the gift that every survivor hopes for?

Survival > Existence,


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WOW indeed!


Wow! You are a woman with a mission, indeed. I can’t wait to read your e-book and see all the wonderful things you are doing in the world. You are so right about all of us being survivors even before we were diagnosed. Very insightful point. Don’t worry about not blogging more because your attention is on other matters. I am having the same problem, and I’m working fast and furiously on completing a book and seeing it to publication.


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Exciting News!

Wow, Debbie, it sounds like “Where We Go Now” is expanding into “Where We Grow Now,” for you and your readers… Looking forward to all you have to offer. If what you have written so eloquently already is any indication, we’ll be growing along with you. And you are right, everyone is a survivor of something. Best of luck with the projects; and I’m looking forward to them!

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Thanks So Much!


Thanks so much for your encouragement! I’m really excited about bringing these new projects to life. We’re all survivors and together we will empower ourselves to create growth and prosperity.

Survival > Existence,


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Thanks for Letting Me Know (Once Again) That I Am Not Alone!


I’ve really been agonizing over this decision. I wanted to keep up the 5-day a week blogging schedule and create other things, but there just wasn’t time (or creative energy.) It’s amazing how liberating it is to open yourself up to doing things differently! Thanks so much for the letting me know (once again) that I am not alone, I really appreciate it!. Keep me in the loop about your book. I can’t wait to see it out in print!

Survival > Existence,



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The context is rather different but your post and the comments about growth reminded me of a lovely quotation from “The House by the Sea” by May Sarton. “Growing old… what is the opposite of ‘growing’? I ask myself. ‘Withering’ perhaps. It is, I assume, quite easy to wither into old age, and quite hard to grow into it.”

Good luck with your new ventures.
Linda (Tweetingasme)


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Good luck with all the

Good luck with all the changes and new endeavors. I’m working on a couple of things myself.


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Thanks, Nancy!


Thanks and good luck to you on your new adventures. Can’t wait to hear all about them!

Survival > Existence,


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