Are You Still Telling People You’re Fine When You’re Not?


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou

“I’m tired of telling people I’m fine when I’m not.” Debbie Woodbury

I founded WWGN because I wanted to continue sharing with other people who “got it.” Along the way, I discovered that telling my cancer story and finding support were the keys to creating inspired healing, wellness and live out loud joy.

Twelve days ago, I appeared live on GE Healthcare’s Breast Cancer Mosaic webinar and shared my story in great detail. I talked about all aspects of cancer’s impact on my life, including:

Receiving a diagnosis;
Survivor’s Guilt;
Body Image;
Giving Back;
Family Responsibilities;
and so much more.

The overarching message I wanted to share was the importance of finding a community of people who completely understand where you are. As I talk about in the video, it took me a long time to find support (over six months.) When I finally found it, I felt as if someone had thrown me a lifeline and saved my life. With that support I gradually found validation and strength, which enabled me to take responsibility for telling my story – rather than keeping it locked inside me.

To all of you who sent me questions during the webinar as part of the #BCMTalks twitter chat, thank you so much for your participation. Much thanks also to those of you who wrote to tell me that my vulnerability (some tears were shed) inspired you to open up too.

When you have the time, I’d love you to watch my video so I can share my story with you. Even better, I’d really like you to share your story with me in the comments below.

Survival > Existence,


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Image courtesy of Akaash Maharaj



Helen's picture

I even told the oncologist

I even told the oncologist this morning I was fine!! But then I managed to back track a bit and tell the truth. She was great, and supportive, and encouraging. Always best to come out with it if you can. But it depends who you’re talking to – doesn’t it?!


Debbie's picture

You Are Absolutely Right

Hi Helen!

You’re absolutely right. It’s up to you who to share your truth with; what’s important is that you not hold it in when sharing would benefit you. I’m glad you opened up to your oncologist and that she responded well. That’s all good news and good for you for being brave and allowing yourself to go beyond the usual “I’m fine” answer.

Be well!


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