Chatting About “The Descendants”

If you didn’t get to hear it live last week, you can listen to my entire guest co-host appearance with Luci Weston of Chick Flick Chat now. We had a fabulous time discussing “The Descendants,” starring George Clooney and directed by Alexander Payne.

I wanted to talk about this movie because of its many survivorship issues. It was fascinating to discuss George Clooney’s character and his struggle with sudden tragedy, accepting change, being responsible for others while you yourself are suffering, how and when to share your tragedy, re-evaluating your relationships, stepping up and evolution and growth.

Thank you again to Luci for inviting me to join her on Chick Flick Chat. I first met Luci when we spoke last October on her Here We Are Talk Show about Life Beyond Cancer: Healing The Mind, Body, and Spirit. As always, our conversations are interesting, stimulating and fun. Don’t miss her Blog Talk Radio shows, or her website, Here We Are…with Luci.

Was this movie, in which a family loses a daughter, sister, wife and mother, depressing? Or was it hopeful? What was the significance of the yellow quilt? Listen along and then tell me what you think. I’d love to hear your opinions and keep the conversation going. 

Survival > Existence,


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