Talking About Life After Cancer Treatment

brown-flora-floral-1028930I was recently honored to appear on “Courage and Grace: Stories of Remarkable Cancer Survivors.” The teleconference was hosted by Dr. Shani Fox, holistic physician and certified life mastery coach.

During our 55 minute discussion, we covered many issues, including cancer survivor’s guilt, feeling alone, finding support, the pinkification of October, living and healing through gratitude, and my Gifts & Losses List. I was thrilled during the question and answer period to connect a caller looking for caregiver resources to two amazing people, Rob Harris of Rob Cares and Sara Barton of Practical Caregiver.
We also talked a bit about my new book, “You Can Thrive After Cancer” and how I came to create it and WWGN after my cancer experience.
If you want to listen in, you can find the recording here. (You can download the recording onto your computer if you want to listen in at a later date.) Also, if you want access to future teleconferences, sign up here.
As I said about my appearance on the Survive and Live Well Radio Show, “I’ve learned that the more I talk about my life after treatment, the more I feel validated and healed. I hope listening to our conversation does the same for you.”
To find my other recordings and videos, head over to my Video, Radio, Articles page to check them out.
After you listen in to our discussion, please let me know in the comments below which issues resonated with you.
Survival > Existence,



Claudia Schmidt's picture

Life after breast cancer

Congratulations, Deb! I also just found your pages on Gifts and Losses of cancer which I found to be truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing the positivity!



Debbie's picture

My Gifts & Losses List is the Bedrock of WWGN

Hi Claudia!

Thanks, Claudia! My Gifts & Losses List is the bedrock of WWGN and its inspiration. I enjoy your blog too!

Survival > Existence,


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