You Deserve to Stand Up For What You Want


How often have you slammed the door against what you want,

because you let fear trump desire?

How many times did you not ask,

because rejection hurts like hell?

How easily have you given in,

because making others happy is safer than finding your own happiness?

Say “Yes” to yourself because it’s what you want,

and that is justification enough.

Take the risk and feel (a bit) guilty.

It won’t kill you.

You and I have survived things much scarier

than saying “Yes” to our desires.

We’ve measured up before,

even as we were falling down.

When push came to shove,

we knew how to (wo)man up!

Which brings us to this question:

Knowing what we have been through and how truly short life is,

how can we even think about stuffing down our desires?

Pull yourself up tall like a mountain, take a deep breath, let it out slowly

and recognize the truth that lives within you:

You are enough.

And you deserve to stand up for what you want.

Survival > Existence,


Image courtesy of Roger Young

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