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When a friend starts a conversation by asking, “Did I ever tell you that my mother was murdered?” it’s clear she’s ready to tell her story. Being present for each other and offering a safe place in which to share our stories is what friends do. We know being heard validates and heals.

What about the flip side? Do we find healing solely as the teller of the story? I don’t think so. I think we’re also healed by receiving stories. By standing witness to another’s story we find similarities and connection. We learn that we are not alone.

For this reason, I’m proud to be one of 21 breast cancer survivors featured in a new eGuide series created by health and wellness advocate Gai Comans.

Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets, highlights 21 inspirational survivors sharing their secrets for empowerment, living through treatment and vibrant living. Gai was inspired to create the series by her own breast cancer odyssey, which began at the age of 38. Looking back, Gai realized the significance of hearing other survivors’ stories and wanted to create a resource for other women.

Gai interviewed each woman, getting the conversation started by asking, “What do you wish you had been told when you were diagnosed with cancer?’ The first eGuide in the series, “Empower Your Life” is the result of those interviews.

The second eGuide focuses on survivorship issues and presents each woman’s story in response to the question, “What do you wish you had been told when your treatment for cancer was finished?”

“Empower Your Life” is launching tomorrow. Get your free copy by signing up today. The second eGuide will launch on April 2nd.

I’m proud to be included among this amazing group of women and I’m really looking forward to witnessing their stories. Don’t miss this opportunity to find similarities, connect and bask in the healing power of sharing our stories.

Survival > Existence,


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