The Joy of Books Comes Alive


If you relish the joy of holding a real book in your hands, don’t miss this amazing stop-motion animation by Sean Ohlenkamp. Let me know if you agree with the statement at the end of this short and immensely delightful video:

Survival > Existence,


Image courtesy of Hannah Swithinbank


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Hello Debbie,

Hello Debbie,

“There’s nothing like a real book.” My sentiments precisely.

Friendship, adventure, consolation, education, relaxation, pleasure, stories, conversations, wisdom, delight, joys of language, humour, “les mots justs”, new acquaintances, understanding, enrichment, vocabulary, directions for healing, domestics, business, fashion, creation’s wonders. All within the covers of a book. Treasures just waiting to be found.

I’m so grateful that my brain fog has dissipated enough to let me once again savor the richness of reading.

A nice comfy chair, a cup of tea in a china cup, a companionable book, and the stage is set for an enchanted evening. (or morning, or afternoon!)

As children, we often heard Dad say, “Go read a book,” when he wished to take a Sunday afternoon nap. That admonition sent us down a lifelong path of delicious engrossment in books. He furthered the journey by taking us regularly to the library. And, of course, he read to us, sometimes the same book over and over. Sweet memories indeed.

Love this topic.

Honey Bee


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Read On!

Hello Honey Bee:

I love how your Dad lovingly passed his passion for books down to you! Reading is one of the great joys of life and you’re very lucky to have discovered it early.

Read on!

Survival > Existence,



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