New Podcast: Thriving In a New Normal After Cancer


What does it take to move beyond traumatic life experiences? Because we’re all different, there is no one answer. Each of us brings our unique strengths to survival and hopefully, by sharing our stories, we provide each other with hope, encouragement and inspiration.

That’s why Melissa Wilson and I got together recently on a new episode of her The Grass Gets Greener podcast series. Melissa is a bullying survivor, and anti-bullying blogger and advocate. Her podcast series spotlights survivors of all kinds of traumas who have worked through individual struggles to go on to thrive.

Of course, Melissa asked me about my cancer experience and what I’ve done to bring about healing. We also talked about a traumatic event I experienced that I don’t talk about very often (hint: it’s something we have in common.)

You can find the podcast episode here. Download it at iTunes and check out the other episodes.

As I always say, we’re all survivors of something. Coming together to talk about healing is good for all of us and, as always, I’m honored to be a part of the conversation.

Survival > Existence,


Picture Copyright: nikkytok/123RF Stock Photo

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