Time to Settle In & Get Cozy!


All of a sudden, I’m feeling the need to slow down and get cozy. Of course, that means hot chocolate, marshmallows, a comfy throw and my favorite holiday movies.

What brings you comfy, cozy happiness? Whatever it is, make sure to allow yourself to luxuriate in it this holiday season.

Don’t think of it as goofing off. Think of it as prioritizing live out loud joy at the very top of your “to do” list.

You deserve it!

Wishing You & Your Family\a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season &a Very Happy New Year!



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Dear Debbie,

this has been a very difficult season, the second tsunami of so many holidays over such a short period of time since I became a widow. my avoidance and sheer reluctance to be merry and bright lead to getting lost in time, thinking c’mas was not next week, but the following week. now I have lots to do, and scarcely time to get it all completed. tonight I started organizing a bit, starting with making lists – rather overwhelming to say the least. but then I decided to make another list – not one about shopping, wrapping, running hither and yon – but one to help me cope and not feel so sad and scattered. the first word on my “for me” list was “BREATHE”, and it all flowed from there; I know the people who love and care deeply for me wouldn’t want me to be spending these days in angst and stress, ending up too exhausted to enjoy my children and grandchildren on C’mas Day. so I am making time for myself to reflect on all I feel so grateful for, to send out Love and Kindness to others who are also struggling and in need of some TLC, to conjure up so many happy memories over Hugh’s and my nearly 46 yrs of blissful, wonderful holidays, to feel his presence near me, and to not swallow any tears that will probably accompany those memories. hot chocolate and marshmallows – yup! and a good nap when I am weary – definitely! thank you for your lovely post and for all the good wishes you’ve sent. I wish you and your family happiness, peace, and joy…

…with much love,

Karen ooxoo


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Thank You for Your Very Moving Words

Dear Karen:

Thank you so much for gifting me your beautiful comment. I’m very sorry for your loss and so grateful for your wise words. Your “for me” list is a beautiful reminder of the importance of self-care, especially when we have experienced loss. I wish you and your loved ones a lovely holiday and all the love and strength that comes from being together in good times and in bad.

Much love,


Every good wish to you this Christmas

May you be blessed with peace, health, and happiness this holiday season Debbie – thanks for you all your support this year. Marie x

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Dear Marie:

Dear Marie:

Thank you so much and I wish you the same!

Merry Christmas and all the best for a wonderful New Year!



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