The WWGN Gratitude Gems Series eBook is Here!

GGseries1_0Today I want to share my first downloadable eBook with you:

The WhereWeGoNow Gratitude Gems Series; Your 30-Day Guide to Jump Starting a Lifetime Gratitude Practice.

Writing this book was a labor of love. I firmly believe gratitude is the single most important building block for reinventing life beyond cancer. Without gratitude, there is no hope. With gratitude, anything is possible.

The book includes 30 days of inspirational gratitude quotes and tips to get your gratitude practice on its way. Plus, I’ve included a Special Bonus – access to my Gratitude Gems video slideshow. It’s three minutes of calming reflection and relaxation and is sure to get you into an attitude of gratitude.

The price of the book and bonus video is $5.00.

Buy now and download today to get started. (No longer available.)

Thank you again for being a part of this wonderful community of inspired survivors!

Survival > Existence,


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