Helpful Sites

14598392170_ac019b29f8_zThe following are sites I discovered along the way and share with you. Inclusion on this list does not constitute any type of guarantee as to services, products, advice or the like. As always, you should research your options and make decisions that are in your own best interest, without any reliance upon anyone other than yourself:

American Cancer Society – Survivorship During and After Treatment

Breast Investigators – A Community Taking the Mystery Out of Breast Cancer

CancerCare – Counseling. Support Groups. Education. Financial Assistance.

Cancer Hawk – the REAL Deal for Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers

Cancer Hope Network – Talk with a Support Volunteer Cancer Survivor

Cancer Support Community – A Global Network of Education and Hope

CureDiva – Stylish Living Through Breast Cancer

CV Skinlabs – Beauty and Safety Without Compromise

Livestrong – Free Cancer Support Services to Help Anyone Affected by Cancer.

Support Connection – Breast & Ovarian Cancer Support Just a Toll-Free Telephone Call Away

Image courtesy of Markus Spiske