Meditation Monday – Tips for Creating Our Own Survivors’ Community

We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. Dalai Lama  I love this quote, which Holistic Health Talk for Women radio host Irina Wardas used to open her show last Thursday. As her guest, I was there to talk about our need as cancer survivors for a sense of community with other survivors. [...]

Army of Women Wednesday – How Andrea Mitchell Reminded Me That We Are All At Risk

Today I have to talk about the firestorm ignited by Andrea Mitchell, who announced that she is “now among the 1 in 8 women in this country -- incredibly 1 in 8 -- who have had breast cancer." She went on to say that, "For you women out there and for the men who love [...]

What The Last Weekend of Summer Teaches Us About Moving Beyond Cancer

It's the Friday before the unofficial last weekend of summer, which of course means it's Labor Day Weekend. Technically, the last day of summer is September 20th, but no one cares about that. This weekend draws a line in the sand.  For the next three days, we continue to exist within the vast openness of [...]